Waiting For the Fun to Begin

“It will be fun”, they said; “It’s easy”, they said; “there’s no planning”, they said. So, here I am on July 11 up to my elbows with junk piled high in my garage waiting this Saturday, July 14 for that ‘easy’ garage sale to take place.

I can’t remember being this tired from having so much “fun” in my life. I’m not even a fan of garage sales so can someone please explain how I let this happen to me? I think I know the answer: I allowed my so-called friends talk me into it. Being thrifty can be painful! Downsizing is for the birds! The decisions of what stays and what goes is extremely daunting, but necessary and good for the soul.

Back in-the-day when my children were growing up garage sales were few and far between. Heck, I thought a flea market was a place to go and watch fleas jump around all over the merchandise. But, times have changed. These days it’s chic to be thrifty.

One of my first experiences with garage sales happened when my son, Mark was ten years old. He enjoyed using his dad’s tools and I enjoyed his using them as it kept him out of trouble. Except for the day he came home after school and decided to use them to take his bicycle apart. Taking it apart was easy, but he soon discovered putting it back together required more effort than just tinkering.  His dad was madder than an ol’ wet hen because he knew he was the one who had to get that bike back together and running again. It was not on his list of things that needed to be done right away.

Needless to say, I viewed this incident quite differently. The teacher in me suggested that this was a great opportunity for Mark to learn how to complete a task from start to finish. So, I went through the newspaper and found where the garage sales were being held and what was being sold. Bingo! There was one that listed an old lawnmower that needed some repair work done on it.

With Mark in tow, we headed out and found this wonderful piece of lawn equipment which we bought for grand total of five bucks. I have to admit that it looked like it was on its last leg, but to Mark it looked like a gift straight from heaven. Granted, it took patience, time and a few extra bucks but by August Mark had that lawnmower purring like a kitten. He was so proud of himself as he took it on its “maiden mow” around our back yard. His dad was also quick to admit how accomplished Mark had become in ‘tinkering’ with tools.

Let’s face it; garage sales have a place in our society and even though many are sophisticated and ‘uppity’ the hunt it still fun. I’m known to become owner of items that friends were going to throw away.  That’s not hoarding; that’s being thrifty.  I have a cedar closet in the basement that is rapidly becoming my ‘thrifty closet.’ The Mr. thinks I need to give away two items for every one item I bring home. That’s just not good math. I know as soon as I take something from my treasure trove that’s the one thing I will need the very next day.

So, It’s now early in the week and I’m sitting in the middle of my garage sorting through my precious junk that I am about to let someone take home and add to their junk pile. Yes, it’s true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure or, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Today I’m letting go of a lot of junk that I hope someone will find beautiful enough to take home and treasure.  I’m trying to stay positive and remember how much fun I’m having!